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Milwaukee AC Thefts

Police Find Burglars Getting In Homes By Removing Air Conditioners

Window AC Easy Target

“I was at work, when I came home, the air conditioner had been pushed into the living room and was on the floor.”

Intruder pushes AC in, robs man

A man comes home from the bank and is surprised to see his air conditioner on the floor. The next thing he knows, a gun is pointed at his head.

Confessions of a Burglar

With a break-in every 15 seconds, heed this ex-con's tips to protect your home.

Air Conditioner Falls Into Traffic

Air Conditioner Falls From Window, Injures Pedestrian - PETER THORNE

Off-Duty Cop Shoots Intruder

An off-duty Chicago police officer shot a man who broke into her home.

Daylight Burglar Pushes ACs

Residents are warned about the rash of neighborhood daylight burglaries.

Crooks Push In AC Units

String of burglars where crooks access homes by pushing in AC units.