Item #PL600 PegLock Standard Kit

The PegLock system makes old unsightly pegboard obsolete! Use it in any room in the house. Unlike conventional pegboard, the unique PegLock board can be mounted to any flat surface. The versatile No.1 Peg & Collar can be configured to hold almost any household tool, craft item, kitchen utensil. Has been used for gun accessory organization – only limit is your imagination!

The PegLock Standard Kit No. 101 comes with :
  • 4 each 4” X 24” PegLock Boards
  • 36 each No. 1 Pegs &Collars
  • 24 stainless steel mounting screws
  • plastic anchors

Item #PL601 PegLock Strap Kit

The PegLock Strap Kit securely holds power tools and other similar bulky items. By arranging the included No. 1 Pegs & Collars and the Strap Base even difficult to store items can be easily held in place. The PegLock Strap Kit is also ideal for securing tools in vehicles such a service technicians or construction tradesman vehicle. The PegLock strap kit has been used for securely transporting firearms.

The PegLock Strap Kit includes:
  • 2 Strap Bases
  • 3 No.1 Pegs
  • 6 Peg Studs
  • Nylon Webbing Strap & Buckle
  • 9 Peg Collars

Item #PL602 PegLock Boards Kit

PegLock Boards Kit can be used with all PegLock Pegs & Collars, the PegLock Accessory Kit and the PegLock Strap Kit for all of your storage and organization needs.

Each Kit Contains:
  • 2 each 4” X 24” PegLock Boards
  • 12 stainless steel
  • mounting screws
  • plastic anchors

Item #PL603 PegLock Pegs and Collars

Use PegLock Pegs and Collars to organize tools, kitchen ware, hobby items, belts, keys, etc. Also ideal for gun accessory organization. Boards sold separately.

Each Kit Contains:
  • 12 Peg Collars
  • 12 Pegs

Item #PL604 Accessory Kit

The PegLock Accessory Kit can be used for specialized mounting requirements. Has also been used for gun accessory organization.

The accessory kit includes:
  • 2 each 4” Stoppers
  • 2 each J Hooks
  • 2 each
  • Peg Rings
  • 2 each Peg Stud
  • 8 Peg Collars